Class Organisation

We have 7 classes at Tatworth from Reception to Year 6. Each class has approximately 30 children.

Early Years

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We offer a very broad curriculum with a particular emphasis on:

• Encouraging cooperation.

• Encouraging open discussion in the class.

• Encouraging the children to be as active as possible.

• Literacy and developing a love of books.

• Developing excellent maths skills.

Each half term Years 1-6 have two Focus Days when the rest of the curriculum is set aside. This allows each class teacher to teach either a Geography, History or RE unit of work. The aim of the work is to inspire and excite the children. Written work will often develop out of this work which will then be followed up in the next three weeks literacy work.

Mornings are set aside primarily for English and Maths. Written work is taught at this time and every three weeks the children will learn and write either a fiction or non-fiction text. PE and Science are also taught in the mornings and every morning the children participate in a ‘Daily Mile Run.’ Science is either taught by the class teacher or our science specialist teacher, Mr Pavey.

Two afternoons are set aside for Arts or Activities. In Arts Afternoons the children are taught half termly units of CDT, Art or Music. In Activity afternoons the KS2 children choose between participating in a sports fixture or Forest School (a range of outdoor activities). The PE department work very hard to arrange a calendar of termly sports events throughout the year. This gives our children the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports teams including:






Forest School is run by fully trained teachers who lead a small group of children in a wide range of different outdoor activities which includes safe use of tools, making fires, planting and nature work.

The other three afternoons are set aside for reading comprehension work. Which, as well as improving children’s understanding of what they have read, most importantly develops a love of reading.

Special Educational Needs

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SEN Policy

SEND Report 2017

Somerset's Local Offer


We use a maths scheme called ‘Maths No Problem’ which is based on a Singaporean approach to teaching maths. Singapore has the highest standards of maths achievement in the world in international comparisons.

We use a wide range of different reading schemes which have been ‘banded’ so that books with a similar ‘reading age’ are brought together in one box so that we can more easily match the right book to your child.

School Games Mark

We have been awarded the Silver Mark in recognition of our commitment to the development of competition across the school. To access the Games Mark site and see our students in action click here.

National Curriculum

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Our Assessment Policy is in the process of being updated, it should be ratified by the Board of Governors by the end of February 2017

SATS Results

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Further Information

Should you require further information on the curriculum, please contact Mr Clarke, the Principal


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